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-Gabrielle "Coco" Bonheur Chanel


3.1 Phillip Lim loves Target!

 Hello and Happy Saturday everyone! With the end of DC Fashion week and the official beginning of Fall, I've had alot to smile about lately! Two weekends ago, Target launched it's collaboration line with 3.1 Phillp Lim. Target never fails to amaze me with the collaborations they have. With the last collaboration being with 'Parabral Gurung' and another boast-worthy collection by Peter Pilotto due out this February, Target has always catered to those who enjoy high fashion on a budget. 
While 3.1 Phillip Lim is usually quite expensive (and certainly out of my budget), this collaboration gave us broke, college fashionistas a chance to snag a cute and well-coveted satchel or trench coat just in time for the Fall! Below, I've listed a few of my favorites! Enjoy!

I was drawn to this skirt because of the color scheme and "pattern". While clearly it is supposed to be leopard print, it looks more abstract which is a plus! I am also in love with the pumpkin orange color, the picture simply doesn't do the color any justice!
This dress reminds me of a traditional kimono from Japanese culture. It stands out to me because the floral pattern has been tastefully integrated into a Fall piece, something that people too often fail at. The contrast of tan and black also gives for a military-esque feel as well!
Leather is my absolute favorite fall/winter texture! We've been seeing a great deal of leather on the runway and in the streets. Leather has always been a fashion staple but more recently, many have been moving away from simply the classic bomber jackets or boots; leather anything goes now! This dress is the perfect mix of edgy and classy, the leather sleeves and full length zipper give it a unique kick but the shape of the dress is still appropriate for a more dressed up look!
Last but certainly not least, the trench coats! Anyone who knows me personally, can vouch for the fact that I hate wearing big coats in the winter or fall! Being from Boston, it gets quite cold; but instead of bucking up and wearing a jacket, I choose to layer most of my items. A trench coat certainly helps me with this habit of mine! The tan trench is classic but I am loving the navy with the green accent! You can never go wrong with a chunky sweater, scarf and trench coat to stay warm and fashionable! I don't advise you to follow my advice though because you'll end up sick most of the winter like me!

As predicted, many of the items in the collection completely sold out shortly after release. But, fortunately the items I've listed here should still be in stock! Be sure to check out the men's and women's collections!

Stay Pretty!


An Oasis at NYFW: Diane Von Furstenburg Spring/Summer 2014

Hello Everyone! It's the best (well, almost the best) week of the year: New York Fashion Week! I hope I'm not the only one wishing I was among the fashion forward as they flock to New York for this wonderful occasion. Although I cannot be there, I am certainly there in spirit as I have been watching some of the shows on a live stream! I am patiently waiting for the Oscar de la Renta Spring Summer 2014 collection, which debuts tonight at 6:30! Another on of my favorites, Diane von Furstenburg, showcased her collection on Sunday. Please Enjoy!
Diane's collection was absolutely gorgeous! She stated that she wanted her line to emulate an oasis, she cleverly achieved this in each look; the outfits all look quite refreshing.  In Diane von Furstenburg's words, the woman of this spring is "an island unto herself." The cork ensemble (above) is truly one of my favorites! It takes the summer cork trend to an entirely different level, there are so many ways to play with cork. I don't think I would wear the skirt and top together too often, but I'd match the skirt to other pieces!

DVF is clearly seeing a great deal of patterns in our closets for Spring/Summer 2014. The tribal-esque and animal prints definitely give me an oasis or safari feel. Aside from the "oasis", I also enjoy the necklines in all of the pieces below! The polka-dotted dresses are truly beautiful in a feminine way; I especially love the ruffles under the flared dress. I've never been a huge fan of deep necklines, but the white pant suit looks so fabulous! It is the perfect mixture of peplum, girly and sexy!
I hope all you pretties tune into a few shows as Fashion Week moves along smoothly!


Dub Club.

Hello again loves! It's my birthday and this year I finally get to enter the infamous "dub club". I could not be more blessed to have reached 20 years of life today! Needless to say, I am super happy and excited to see what this year of my life will bring! I've decided to give you guys 20 facts about me in honor of my 20th birthday!

1. I abhor strawberries.
2. I love gardening.
3. I love cooking and baking (and eating).
4. My favorite food is rice.
5. I am super close with my sisters.
6. I believe in karma.
7. My favorite colors are Tiffany blue, purple and pink.
8. I love peplum! (just in case you didn't get the point yet)
9. I am a double major in English and History.
10. I love grapefruits! but unfortunately I'm allergic to them.
11. I've never broken any bones.
12. I'm a Pinterest addict.
13. I want to visit every country in Europe at least once.
14. I smile and laugh...alot. I'm also very silly!
15. Fahrenheit 451 and The Great Gatsby are my two favorite novels.
16. Breakfast at Tiffany's is my favorite movie.
17. I love candles.
18. I aspire to start my own lipstick line.
19. I've looked up to Angela Renee Simmons for as long as I can remember.
20. I love cranberry juice!

Well, that's all pretties! See you soon!


White Out.

I'm baaaaaaack! Hello Pretties! I've missed the blog so much! Pardon my absence but the last month was quite a hectic time for me! But anyway, I am pleased to be back in action and in the streets with my camera. A few nights ago, I attended an annual white party that we host here at Howard. There were many lovely young ladies and gents out in their crisp, white attire. I managed to snag a few shots of the outfits that stood out the most to me. Please enjoy!
This young lady's acid wash or tie-dye denim was initially what caught my eye! Her outfit is simple yet cute and appropriate for the occasion. Her shoes (which I'm assuming are Jeffrey Campbell) add a casual flair to her look, without making her look too dressed down!
One of my favorite outfits of the night, I must say this girl looked absolutely fabulous! Her look was simply radiant and classy as she paired a white maxi dress with cork sandals. I am a huge fan of cork anything in the summer time! The thigh high split in her dress gave a refreshing twist to the outfit because she was showing some skin but still looked as ladylike as ever! I also took note of the fact that she chose not to overpower her dress with accessories, the large chandelier earrings accented the entire look well! 
How adorable is this young lady in her all white jumper? Although her outfit was not over the top, she made a statement with her one piece jumper! Her jumper looks elegant even without merely any accessories at all! Although I did not get a chance to see her footwear, nonetheless the jumper popped on its own!
I love this blazer! I'm eighty-five percent sure she purchased this blazer from H&M, as I own the skirt to match it! You can never really go wrong with nude and white! Her glittered blazer gives the outfit that push which made her stand out against others that night!
Such a pretty girl, this lovely accented her white hi-low dress with pops of teal. After seeing her shoes, I was already attracted to the rest of her ensemble. While most people would simply wear the shoes as their "pop", she decided to add more flair to the outfit by accenting her jewelry as well; great decision!
Sweethart dresses have always been a favorite of mine! Although sometimes they don't work for me because of my lack of "lady lumps, they've always been super classy to me! I love this dress specifically because of the plunge at the chest also accompanied by a flare instead of a fitted bottom. She paired her dress with a pair of t-strap jeweled toe stilettos which polished the look. Acting as her pop, the purple snakeskin clutch surely complemented the rest of the outfit!
 Anyone who reads this blog or knows me personally, knows that I love peplum of any kind! I was super in love with this girl's simple yet chic outfit. The fitted straight leg trousers work perfectly with her strapless peplum bodice for a sleek and classy look! Her strappy mint green sandals and beaded necklace certainly work together in harmony! 
Like the young lady with the sweethart plunge dress, I loved this deep neck dress as well. The structured shoulders definitely give her an "it" factor! Strong shoulders have certainly been back in ladies style for quite some time now! Her peep-toe platforms complemented her bib necklace wonderfully for a small pop to the white dress! 
Looking noticeably feminine, I loved Deuce's frilly high waisted skirt! She counteracted the crop top with a cropped motorcycle jacket for a edgy and girly look. Always a hit, her strappy stiletto sandals were accompanied by minimal accessories completing her clean look!
Follow her on Instagram: MettaWorld_deuce
Brianna strategically put together the cutest outfit for the white party! She sported a pair of slim fit white trouser pants and a loose white tunic with a bathing suit top underneath! The bathing suit top especially stood out to me because many would just wear a regular bra, opposed to taking a classy approach with the bathing suit! She finished off her outfit with a pair of lace up booties!
Like many of the other women in this article, this girl had an amazing pair of shoes on that night! The hot pink stilettos favor a pair of 'Giuseppe Zanotti' shoes from the Spring/Summer 12 collection! Her white shorts paired with the amazing shoes and shimmery accessories made for a beautiful look!
The only guy to make it on my blog this particular night, Wesley looks dapper and clean cut! His trousers are cuffed lightly, showing his tan oxfords which nicely complete his look!
Probably my favorite outfit of the night, this photo does this girl's dress no justice! She still managed to look super fab even as she was the coordinator for the event, and had tons of running around to do all night! A trend among the ladies today, I absolutely adored her deep plunge dress. The shoulder straps made the dress look delicate and ladylike, especially in bright white! While the dress was certainly (obviously) the highlight of her outfit, her cerulean blue wedges and evening accessories gain an honorable mention!

Follow her on Instagram & Tumblr:
Last but not least, I was wearing a peplum lingerie top that I concocted a top out of! Since the top was originally supposed to be lingerie, it was see through; I sewed a bandeau into the top piece, creating this lovely top! I wanted to keep my outfit classy and minimal. I searched for the proper white bottoms to pair with my top but without any luck, I was forced to settle with the white jeans I already owned. My outfit turned out better than I expected so I was pleased!
Top: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Bag: H&M
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini
Lipstick: Revlon 'Va Va Violet'
Earrings: So Good Jewelry 

I hope you guys look forward to seeing more of yourselves and also me on the blog!
Keep reading and Stay Pretty!



Oldie but Goodie in the Greenery.

Hello Beautiful People! This an oldie but goodie! I never shared this outfit with you guys, so I decided to share! Enjoy!
I'm a pretty silly girl, so I channel my inner child almost everyday! This particular day was quite warm so I pair this simple mesh peplum top with a python mini! I honestly enjoyed the clash of patterns between the python and polka dots as they blend quite nicely.
Top: Green Envelope 
Skirt: Plndr
Shoes: Zara
Necklace & Bag: H&M
Well loves, that's all! I'll be back soon! 
Stay Pretty!


Rihanna Fever.

Hello Loves! Do the pictures above look familiar? I am currently coveting each of the lipsticks featured in the RiRi Hearts MAC Collection! As I type, there are four tabs open on my laptop with the MAC website up. In May, MAC released 'RiRi Woo', one of three lipsticks in the new collection. I hope all you lipstick addicts (like myself!) out there appreciate this post! Enjoy and be patient!
Liquid Bronzer Lustre Drops, 'Barbados Girl'

Matte Bronzer/Blush Combo, 'Hibiscus Kiss'

Left to Right: Heaux, RiRi Woo & Boy
I am so in love with all of these colors! Although I will not be purchasing RiRi Woo, I've heard wonderful reviews about the shade and matte effect. Since it is quite similar to MAC's 'Ruby Woo', I will just purchase that color instead. 'Heaux' and 'Boy' are both great shades of purple. Although I'm certainly a fan of darker lipsticks, I will have to apply 'Heaux' in order to see its true form and color! I am super excited to (hopefully) be able to order and receive my lipsticks! I will you keep you updated my dears! Don't forget to check out the rest of Rihanna's collection on the MAC website! Stay Pretty in your MAC!



Feeling the Blues.

Hello Loves! I hope everyone is enjoying the overly-warm weather! I am continuing my quest to stay cool in the summer sun! For this outfit, I strayed away from my typical sundress on a hot day. I'm surprised I lasted in leggings but nonetheless this is my outfit of the day!
Peplum is like my favorite thing in the world! It looks super girly and chic even if it's just a simple t-shirt!

Top: Green Envelope
Leggings: H&M
Nails: 'Ladylike' by Essie
Shoes: Vince Camuto
Necklace: SO Good Jewelry
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Clutch: Donna Dixon

Have a good week Pretties!