"A lady should be two things, classy and fabulous."
-Gabrielle "Coco" Bonheur Chanel


All Around the World and Back.

Hello everyone! Please excuse my absence from the blog, I've been on a mini vacation in Virginia Beach for a wonderful occasion! My beautiful grandmother was awarded with a degree in Religion from St. Leo's University and she is one step closer to becoming Dr. Rosemary Clemons! I love you grandma! I'm so proud!
Due to my (and my sister's) lack of planning, unfortunately we ended up on the Megabus for an almost 15 hour bus ride to Virginia. Although we dressed comfy and brought snacks along, it was still pretty uncomfortable. I've taken the time to pick out a few items that I feel can be comfy and cute for travel!
Who doesn't love Victoria's Secret 'Pink' line? Always filled with bright and colorful hoodies and sweatpants, 'Pink' is the way to go when trying to look super cute on a plane, train or bus ride! The line hosts a variety of differently styled hoodies and pants that come in a range of colors; they even have some sports teams and more recently a college line!

For those who aren't big fans of sweatpants, I've chosen two of my favorite comfy shirts that are fit for travel! On the top, this cropped shirt is super stylish yet functions exactly like your favorite old T-Shirt! It comes in a variety of different colors and patterns and can be found at American Apparel. The shirt on the bottom is your basic Boyfriend Tee. I liked this one in particular because of the colors and pattern. These shirts are usually cut larger than usual and give a relaxed dress feel. Personally, I would wear either of these items with a pair of plain leggings but shorts or jeans would suffice also!

When I'm traveling, I never have time to fix my hair or primp! I am a big fan of baseball caps in the summer for running errands and also during travel times. As an addition to the outfits I've posted above or  your own creation, a cap will protect your hair and look super cute in the process! The 'Lacoste' cap I've shown above can be found at Nordstrom and it comes in 3 other colors as well!
Everyone's favorite tote, the 'Longchamp' Le Pilage bag is perfect for travel! The large size bag can fit anything from a laptop to an iPad or a pair of shoes! I always use this bag as my whenever I fly because its big enough to hold all my belongings in addition to the stuff I have to throw in as last minute packing. The bag is extremely durable and comes in a bunch of amazing colors!
Moccasins are super comfortable! I own two pairs and they have been with me through it all! These 'Minnetoka' moccasins are really comfy and the funky colors stand out to say the least!

Tom's have become increasingly more and more popular over the years and now everyone can be seen wearing a pair! You can buy these at many vendors or order online; for each pair of shoes purchased, a child in Africa will receive a pair of shoes! Ideal for all of the walking included in travel, these comfortable, slip on shoes will keep you cute and comfy!
My personal favorite of this post, I have a picture of the 'Vibram FiveFinger' shoes. These shoes are extremely cozy and do wonders as far as exercise and relaxation. What better shoes are there for travel? I own this particular pair and I cannot get enough of them! 

Something that I know I will definitely be comfortable traveling with: Fendi luggage! I am currently in love with this luggage set which I hope to eventually get my hands on in the future!

More Family Photos!

Thanks for reading everyone!
I wish you well in all your travels and future travels!
Stay Pretty :)


Grads Galore!

Happy Saturday! And also congratulations to the Howard University Class of 2012! When choosing attire for a graduation, its always best to be comfortable yet still cute. Below I've compiled four outfits that I thought diploma-worthy as graduation season begins! Enjoy!
Being that we are fully into the swing of the Spring/Summer season, it is time to bring out florals! I love this dress because it is bold and colorful; it an easily be dressed up or down. Accompanying the dress, I have a pair of simple tan wedges and and woven clutch with gold attachments. The dress is rather daring on its own, therefore not any accessories are needed.

Maxi dresses are always cute and comfy in the summer. This maxi is strapless and has a tribal print which makes it unique. I decided to pair a pair or snakeskin/tan 'Sam Edelman' sandals with the dress because it gives a relaxed feel. The statement necklace will give the outfit a "pop", so it isn't just comfortable but also fashionable!
Stripes in the summer give a sort-of nautical feel, which I love being from the East Coast! This dress, black and white with stripes, is pretty plain on its own, which leaves room for bold pieces! Adding color to the outfit, the turquoise cut-out pumps bring a little flair in the mix. A simple yet adorable accessory, the tan bowling bag is perfect for throwing in a gift or two for a new grad! The bib necklace is completes the outfit as a simple piece of jewelry.
For those who aren't fans of dresses, this floral romper is a cute alternative! Paired with a brightly colored yellow clutch and simple tan sandals, this outfit acts as a casual look to support any grad! The bangles add  some pizazz to the fit also as a simple accessory.

Congratulations to everyone in the Class of 2012!
Stay pretty!


Clutch it tight.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am a big lover of clutches! Below I have posted some clutches that you may (hopefully) see me carrying during the summer months. Each clutch has a unique style and cut, however I favor a square, flat look in a clutch! Enjoy!
Muze 'Splatter' Clutch
Navoh 'Crystal' Clutch
Juicy Couture 'Georgie' Clutch
See by Chloé 'Cherry' Clutch
Tory Burch Woven Patent Clutch
Tory Burch Ombré Clutch
 Muze Oversized Polka Dot Clutch
Big Buddha Clutch

Hope everyone has enjoyed my variety of selected clutches! Any of these items can be found at any Nordstrom store or shop.nordstrom.com.
Happy Sunday!


Pretty Finds. #1

I love the iridescent salmon color of this clutch! Clutches are my weakness in the summer time, especially since I don't always like carrying a bag on my arm. This would nicely complement any outfit; just throw your stuff in and go! The clutch is by 'The Row' and can be found at Barney's New York or Bloomingdales.
I am in love with the new cork trend and my 'Sex and the City' obsession always has me spotting 'Manolo Blahnik' shoes as the famed Carrie Bradshaw struts around New York City in them! I can't wait to find a pair of corky shoes for the summer! This shoe can be found at Barney's New York and similar versions can be found at Nine West or ALDO shoes.

Hope everyone loves these items as much as I do!
Happy Weekend!


White Hot.

Hello everyone! I apologize for my long time away from the blog, I've been neglecting you guys! But now, my finals are almost done and I am preparing to return back to the best place on earth: Boston! But without further adieu, I'm going to continue on and share my thoughts on a classic summer trend, all white attire! A personal favorite of mine, I adore bright white outfits in the sunny, summer months!
As a big fan of dresses, I have compiled a few dresses that I thought were "white hot". The peasant look, becoming more and more popular, the dress in the top left gives an earthy feel. My second favorite dress, I love the beads and details on the uniquely cut dress in the bottom right! I love embellished pieces and this dress is full of colors and jewels that could catch anyone's attention! The other two dresses are lovely and bright also with unique cuts and styles.
A few classic white items: straight leg jeans, linen shorts and a plain t-shirt with dragonfly print!
I love, love, love accessories! Shown here, I have a few white pieces that caught my attention while online browsing. The top picture is a studded, plastic bracelet that snaps on for an edgy addition to any outfit; it would look great paired with other mismatched bracelets!
In the bottom left, a faux leather bow tie with small black beading in the middle; this bow tie is unisex and would look great with all white attire or not!
Lastly, in the bottom right, I have a pair of lace white gloves! Dainty, classy and girly, these gloves are something that I would use to add a bit of feminine flair to an outfit.
Ashley Tisdale looks amazing in her chic all white attire. Paired with snakeskin booties, Ashley has on white skinny jeans, a plain layered tank and a drapy white sweater. Her simple gold chain and hoops add a fresh look while her messy braid keeps the outfit casual!
Rooney Mara, known for her dark yet unique style, was seen at 2012 Oscars wearing a gorgeous white gown by Givenchy. The gown had a plunging neckline and was backless with lovely detail. Her soft makeup and red lips accentuated the white gown, giving her a classic, flawless look!
Rihanna always looks fabulous no matter where she is headed! She is photographed here at the 2011 Grammy Awards wearing a Jean Paul Gaultier dress. The dress is extremely different and she wears it well! Designed with a a see through mesh material and fur on top, Rihanna kept her accessories low as the dress pretty much spoke for itself!

Again, I apologize for my absence but I'm back now!
Stay Pretty everyone!