"A lady should be two things, classy and fabulous."
-Gabrielle "Coco" Bonheur Chanel


Coming Out With Style.

Yesterday was an exciting Friday despite the afternoon drizzle and clouds that lingered throughout the sky. For some it was an extraordinary day as there were several probates on the yard over the course of the day. With so much going on, I walked around enjoying the uplifting atmosphere as I mingled with friends, bystanders and such. Camera in hand of course, I managed to find several people dressed nicely as they moved along through their day. With that said, enjoy!
This girl looked comfortable and cute in jeans and a classic military-esque jacket. Her brightly colored umbrella and shoes add intensity to her outfit and also contrast her striped sweater well!
Layering her outfit for the cool day, this young lady wore a cute olive green blazer over a burgandy sweater with a lovely cream colored dress underneath it all. The dress was paired nicely with tan riding boots that matched her oversized shoulder bag.
This pretty girl wore an orchid colored maxi skirt with a black crop top and black sweater over everything along with a pair of combat boots. Her illuminating makeup and red lip color contrast the darker colors in her outfit. Her grayish bib necklace is also a nice touch to the overall outfit!

This young man wore a a pair of plain dark wash skinny jeans with a 'Gucci' belt and detailed crew neck hoodie. The embroidery and designs on the sweater stood out and nonetheless made the outfit!

This classy girl wore a beautifully colored orange skirt that had a unique cut. She paired the skirt with a cream v-neck and black blazer. The cheetah print on the cuffs of her blazer stood out as well as brought attention to her many gold bangles. I zoomed in on her earrings which I found to be extremely cute and tribal-esque!

Looking really cute I must say, this girl had on a lovely, bright red pant suit. She accentuated the suit with a white collared button down shirt and group of skinny, gold necklaces. Everlastingly classy, she wore a pair of plain black pumps to finish off her look!

Patrick, looking handsome as usual, has on a blue blazer matched with tan khaki pants and a cream colored tie. His business-casual look was then finished with a pair of brown loafers.
This gentleman, a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., has on a black suit jacket with gray slack pants. His bow tie and cane act as chic additions to his overall look. Also, he has the word 'Sigma' embroidered on the cuff of his button down, how swaggy!
Other members of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. in their trendy formal wear.

This lovely lady, had on a classic burgundy colored trench coat that she tastefully paired with olive green leggings. Her oxfords were delightful and rustic looking, adding a laid back feel to her overall classy look!
A member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., this lovely woman wore a gray maxi skirt with a striped shirt. Her turquoise necklace added a pop of color and personality to her outfit as did her cheetah print pumps!

Congratulations to all the new members of the sororities and fraternities that came out!

Stay Pretty everyone!


And the winners are!

One of the most anticipated events of the year, the Miss & Mr. Howard Pageant was absolutely beautiful! Full of fun, talent and of course fashion, it was a wonderful show. I found myself sitting in the front row enjoying every moment as I watched the court grace the stage over and over again. During each intermission, I wandered the auditorium looking for fabulous, fun people; and of course I found some! I've posted the best of my photos and commented on each outfit.
 Paired with the Jeffrey Campbell 'Security' Boot and a lush green blazer with strong shoulders, Alison 
adds personality and chic to her outfit! The liquid leggings are a nice touch as is her black shoulder bag.
Handsome and classy, this young man wore a simple tan blazer with a tie and several pins on the side to accentuate his outfit.
Effortlessly, these young men looked dapper and clean-cut in their suits. Smooth and cunning, their bow ties were a chic addition to the typical suit! 
With a basic pair of cargo pants, this lovely lady added a pair of black wedges and a colorful beaded necklace to make her outfit pop!

Chic, cute and comfortable, this lovely lady dressed up a peach-colored cardigan with a pearl necklace and a tribal bracelet. The bow ties in her oxfords are too adorable!

This young man dressed on his "Lil' Wayne" swag as he said! The colored jeans and distressed jean jacket hoodie were fashionable, key pieces in his outfit, along with his necklaces that added some flare as well.

   Looking extremely elegant, this young lady wore a pair of white lace pants with a basic, baggy black top. She dawned an interesting head piece which was nonetheless very cute and unique!
Two members of the court in their evening wear. The lovely Miss School of Communications is on the left wearing what I assume to be a 'Sherri Hills' dress bedazzled with beautiful jewels and a mermaid fit. Also on the left, the newly crowned Miss Blue and White, is wearing a classy white gown with rose detailing on the bottom. Both ladies were poised and wore their dresses well throughout the night!
I managed to catch a few seconds with Miss District of Columbia Teen and was able to ask her a few questions about her personal style. She mentioned H&M basics as her causal, everyday style and Cache as her go to store for appearance wear. She favors dresses that are classy and age-appropriate. I photographed her at the pageant wearing a delightful orange-red dress with a slight slit in the side.
The Newly crowned Miss Howard University 2012-2013 in her lovely royal blue evening gown!

 Last but certainly not least, I went with a Grecian inspired look, leaf headdress included!
Dress: H&M
Headdress, Blazer: Thrifting etc.
Bangles: Charlotte Russe
Clutch: Aldo Accessories
Shoes: UO
Lipstick: 'Nude' by Revlon


Cross Me.

The sun decided to grace us with its presence and warmth today! Perfect for a t-shirt or shorts, I chose the latter today as I added a slight pop of color to my outfit. Sadly, the clouds and rain ruined the end part of my day but I still managed to stay pretty!

Shirt: Thrifting
 Shorts: UO
Shoes: Steve Madden
Jewelry: F21& So Good
Lipstick: 'Nude' by Revlon


Cool Daze.

One week ago marked the beginning of Spring 2012; with the sudden drop in temperature it seems like I should bring my gloves and scarves back out! A true lover of pastels and luminescent colors, the brisk weather makes it hard for me to get into a “bright” and cheery mood. Fortunately, today I found someway to work a little “pizazz” and color into my outfit!

Blazer: J. Crew, Flower&Dress:H&M
Belt: Pac Sun
Shoes: Blowfish
Jewelry: Ann Taylor Loft
Sunglasses: Nine West
Lipstick: 'Charismatic Coral' by Loreal
Photography by Kamille Jemison


Small Beginnings. Large Aspirations.

I am officially a blogger now, a fashion blogger to be more specific. Oh fashion, the journeys we have taken together, there is only more fun to be had! Starting with nothing but my own thoughts and dreams, I hope one day I can become as lucrative as one of the bloggers I completely look up to. So without further adieu, I would like to pay homage to the person that inspired me to start my own blog, Chanel from the Chanelfiles blog. I am an avid reader of her blog, which acts as a fashion diary for herself and wonderful readers! (like me) Since 2010, Chanel has posted articles featuring herself dressed in outfits, always classy and cute might I add, but also features on certain products or trends. The success she has seen with her blog gave me the encouragement I needed to begin my own trek through the blogging world and I just want to dedicate my first post to her! I want anyone who views my blog to visit hers and hopefully gain the same amount of admiration and inspiration I found! www.chanelfiles.com

Thank you so much Chanel!