"A lady should be two things, classy and fabulous."
-Gabrielle "Coco" Bonheur Chanel


Street Style: Markeyla

Hello Loves! Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for is here: another Street Style post! I've chosen Markeyla Henton as my next fashionista to bless the blog! I had a class with Markeyla last semester and I have always adored her style, it's like classy with alot of personality! I approached her about doing an interview quite some time ago, but I finally followed through and now you guys are able to see how wonderful she is! Please enjoy! Also, check out the background in the pictures! I shot all the pictures in Markeyla's room, which has an awesome collage all over her walls!
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois 

Hobbies/Interests: Markeyla is the editor of Against the Stream Magazine. She describes the magazine as a "platform mag for the community". She also claims that she spends a little time in music and also writing! Also, she does want to start participating in some service activities.

School/College: Howard University
Area of Study: English Major/ Sociology Minor

Future Plans: Markeyla shares my ambitions of attending law school! Another aspiration of her's also incudes working for the Department of Child Services. She also has would like to take a year off after school and focus closely on her business.

How would you describe your personal style?

"I dress how I feel, if I'm not feeling life then I will dress like that"
As the quote explains, Markeyla dresses exactly what she is feeling at the moment! And I'm guessing she never feels down because she always looks great! Even though she may have a "down day", Markeyla says she is always dressy! "Everyday is a day to get dressed, no need to save clothes." I can honestly relate to that statement, it does not make sense to shelter or limit yourself because everyday is a new day for bigger and better things!

What does fashion mean to you?

Markeyla feels like fashion is being able to put on your back how you feel. "You can use fashion to be expressive and show your own style."

Who are some of your favorite designers?

Kate Spade, Dolce and Gabbana, and Chanel are the main labels that Markeyla absolutely loves! She is a big fan of 50s inspired style, so anything that may resemble that era, she takes a liking to. Her interest in the 50s era mostly comes from the idea that everyone looked clean and polished or "like they were doing something". 

What are some of your favorite clothing stores/catalogs/websites etc.?

Wherever she can get the cheapest vintage pieces is a store that Markeyla will love! As many women "inherit" or learn their sense of style, Markeyla calls her Aunt or Mama Flo's closet, her own little homemade thrift store! Alot of her vintage pieces originate from her aunt's house!

What do you get your inspiration?

As I mentioned before, many women are born into fashion in a sense. Growing up, I was always influenced by my mom's style choices, especially as I got older! Markeyla definitely feels that some of her style is influenced by her Mama Flo. As with anyone, Markeyla feels like her style also evolves with age; when she was younger she said she was into more 80s "punk"styles but as she got older, she became more poised and mature in her clothing. Her love for shoes has come from Mama Flo as well. I share a love of heels with Mama Flo and Markeyla as well! Seeing her aunt wear heels to the grocery store as well as everywhere else, Markeyla grew to love heels and wears them quite often. The women in her family have acted as models for how she dresses in a rather positive way!

What are your favorite patterns or prints to work with and why?

Now you guys know I love some houndstooth print! When I found out that Markeyla shared my interest, I was super excited! Markeyla noted houndstooth, "kaleidoscope", and tribals in doses. She absolutely hates floral print! I like floral prints with big and bold flowers...in the right season! It kills me to see people wearing these beautiful floral prints in the winter! But nonetheless, Markeyla also loves stripes as they look wonderful on some body types including her own.

What are your favorite colors to work with and why?

Markeyla likes to lean toward bright colors in the summer and more rich colors such as turquoise or purple in the fall. She doesn't really have any favorite colors so to say but she believes that blue looks the best on her skin tone and overall appearance! A makeup lover like myself, Markeyla likes to fool around with her eye color as well.

Who are some of your favorite fashion icons?

Unlike many, Markeyla does not look to celebrities for too much fashion inspiration. As I mentioned before, she truly enjoys the 50s era, any celebrity who can properly execute the style of that era is a favorite in her book. She feels that most of the fashion icons of our time don't really stand out or have a style that is unique.

How do you define style?

In Markeyla's words, Style is "being able to take what you have and make it work". Also, she feels like style is taking something and making it your own opposed to imitation. She feels that style should also sustain your personality or expression etc. "Could you look nice with only 5 items to choose from?" She posed a very interesting question, if you are truly fashionable in your own sense, you can make anything work. Many people feel like they "have no clothes" and Markeyla thinks that is a bad excuse because you can work with anything to look cute."Being fashionable is not about Instagram likes!" Indeed it is not, Markeyla feels that social networks give some people confidence in fashion sense. I completely agree, she also stated that presenting yourself properly is more important than likes! She shared with me a story about a time she went to the club in a Chipotle shirt and still looked great! (LOL) It's all in your approach and execution ladies and gents! 

How do you believe fashion will affect you in your career or future endeavors?

Appearance is very important to Markeyla as she believes respect equates with your appearance; which holds true because no one will respect you if you walk around looking a mess! Her mother instilled in her that people will judge you off of your appearance as that is the first thing they will see. People will treat you accordingly to what they see. As many people may learn in relationships and also other aspects of life, keeping up your appearance will keep people interested in you for whatever reason.

I hope you guys enjoyed Markeyla as much as I did! She is super awesome, so make sure you check out her magazine!

Twitter: ATSMag
Facebook: facebook.com/ATSMag

Until next time Pretties!


Strutting Down the Red Carpet: Grammy Awards 2013

Hey loves! I hope everyone got a chance to catch a glimpse of the Grammy Awards and more importantly, the celebrity fashion present! I've picked a few outfits that stood out to me as I watched the stars come down the Red Carpet and also the various recaps online! Enjoy!
I decided to start with our favorite girl Beyoncé! While I am definitely a huge fan of Mrs. Carter aka King Bey, I am certainly not a huge fan of this outfit! Beyoncé is known for "slaying" or outdoing everyone around her, why she chose this 'Osman Studio' jumpsuit is a mystery to me. This jumpsuit is super cute and classy but I think Bey could have vamped up her outfit just a bit for the Grammy Awards. If you would like more information on the designer (Osman Studio), visit their website! http://osmanstudio.com
Janelle Monae never disappoints with her style choices! Her style is quite unique and she always seems to pull together some great pieces. Her outfit is simple yet it speaks volumes in style! The gold embroidering on her jacket is very sophisticated as are her red lips and black hat. This is a perfect example of how you can stray way from simply wearing an evening gown yet still appear just as elegant an fashionable as everyone else!
Florence Welch dazzled me in this amazing 'Givenchy' gown! The dress simply speaks for itself, there is not much I can say that express the awe that I felt upon seeing this gown. The spikes around the dress as well as the thigh high split, give the gown an edgy feel. And the emerald green color is absolutely beautiful, the boldness is sure to catch your eye. She kept her accessories minimal, as you would with a statement gown such as this.
As a lover of all things frilly and girly, this dress stood out to me! I completely adore the bead work and light material of this dress. Kimbra Lee Johnson looked gorgeous in this 'Jamie Lee Major' piece! It is extremely hard to wear something sheer yet still remain classy, especially at an event such as the Grammy Awards. Kimbra surely looks as eloquent and beautiful as can be! This piece has a wonderful color scheme and such delicate details. The dress is beautiful and Kimbra wore it well!
Katy Perry has always been one of my favorites in the fashion department! Her style is extremely unique; she takes simple pieces and personalizes them with great results! This pale green 'Gucci' dress is rather simple, but it fits her shape wonderfully and its subtle details give an elegant look.
In my opinion, Taylor Swift has always been a plain yet pretty girl. This dress emits class and sex appeal all at the same time! The metallic straps give her a polished and elegant look while the thigh slit and open chest and back of the dress show some sexiness. This cream 'J. Mendel' dress is perfect for her body type, as she doesn't look too skinny. Her bangs and simple braided hairdo add sleekness to her entire appearance. I am loving the whole Grecian-inspired look she might have been going for! Nice choice Taylor!
I have always loved Kelly Rowland and she has always had great style! This dress is a little risqué but I still believe Kelly pulled it off in a lady-like way. This 'Georges Chakra' dress is the perfect balance between sexy and elegant, the cut-outs in the dress are placed in a way that Ms. Rowland isn't revealing too much. It is so difficult as a woman to walk the thin line between too much skin and not enough, Kelly looks amazing and I am super happy with her outfit choice!
Nas is very attractive to me! He has always had this stoic, manly aura about him that I just cannot get enough of! He looks dapper in this tuxedo with a classic black bow tie. His tan jacket is a wonderful change from the all-black tuxedos men usually wear! 
John Mayer is definitely a sight to see in this blue velvet suit jacket with a matching bow tie! I love when men are versatile with their formal wear and stray away from simple, boring tuxedos! Mr. Mayer wonderfully added a different touch to his evening wear for the Grammy Awards!  
Wiz Khalifa and a very pregnant Amber Rose looked fabulous last night! Amber looks so adorable pregnant, her and Wiz appear to be extremely happy! Wiz looked clean-cut in a white suit jacket with a black bow-tie and black-buttoned dress shirt, very chic! And Amber was just as cute as ever in a black form-fitting gown that showed off her gorgeous, round tummy!
Last but not least, everyone's favorite couple, Chris Brown and Rihanna were present at the Grammy Awards looking very much in love! Rihanna looked fabulous in her red gown as it flowed behind her! Always one to step out, Rihanna's gown, among her outfits of the night, truly showed her beauty! Chris Brown wore an all white ensemble that contrasted with Rih Rih's dress, making them look even more lovely!

I can honestly say that I absolutely adore celebrity fashion, especially when it comes to large events because it gives everyone a chance to showcase their personal style on a more serious note!
I hope you guys enjoyed my opinions and formed your own as well!
As always, Stay Pretty!



Pretty Finds #6.

Hey Loves! I just wanted to share a new pick-up with everyone! I was in H&M doing a little shopping with my friend and I came across the cutest skirt! Needless to say, I had to have it! The material of the skirt is like a toole type fabric, it's way thicker than chiffon. The electric blue caught my eyes and I became mesmerized! It also comes in black as well, but since spring is quickly approaching (hopefully!), I wanted to get some color! Please excuse her wrinkles, I honestly didnt have time to iron it out before I snapped the pictures. But I will definitely iron it before I wear of course! Also, the necklace is just a simple perfume vile that was on sale! I've been seeing them quite frequently but I never purchased one. The skirt was only 24.95! It's fairly new, so there should be plenty if you'd like to buy one!

That's all for today!
Happy Tuesday!
Stay Pretty as always :)