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Street Style: Markeyla

Hello Loves! Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for is here: another Street Style post! I've chosen Markeyla Henton as my next fashionista to bless the blog! I had a class with Markeyla last semester and I have always adored her style, it's like classy with alot of personality! I approached her about doing an interview quite some time ago, but I finally followed through and now you guys are able to see how wonderful she is! Please enjoy! Also, check out the background in the pictures! I shot all the pictures in Markeyla's room, which has an awesome collage all over her walls!
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois 

Hobbies/Interests: Markeyla is the editor of Against the Stream Magazine. She describes the magazine as a "platform mag for the community". She also claims that she spends a little time in music and also writing! Also, she does want to start participating in some service activities.

School/College: Howard University
Area of Study: English Major/ Sociology Minor

Future Plans: Markeyla shares my ambitions of attending law school! Another aspiration of her's also incudes working for the Department of Child Services. She also has would like to take a year off after school and focus closely on her business.

How would you describe your personal style?

"I dress how I feel, if I'm not feeling life then I will dress like that"
As the quote explains, Markeyla dresses exactly what she is feeling at the moment! And I'm guessing she never feels down because she always looks great! Even though she may have a "down day", Markeyla says she is always dressy! "Everyday is a day to get dressed, no need to save clothes." I can honestly relate to that statement, it does not make sense to shelter or limit yourself because everyday is a new day for bigger and better things!

What does fashion mean to you?

Markeyla feels like fashion is being able to put on your back how you feel. "You can use fashion to be expressive and show your own style."

Who are some of your favorite designers?

Kate Spade, Dolce and Gabbana, and Chanel are the main labels that Markeyla absolutely loves! She is a big fan of 50s inspired style, so anything that may resemble that era, she takes a liking to. Her interest in the 50s era mostly comes from the idea that everyone looked clean and polished or "like they were doing something". 

What are some of your favorite clothing stores/catalogs/websites etc.?

Wherever she can get the cheapest vintage pieces is a store that Markeyla will love! As many women "inherit" or learn their sense of style, Markeyla calls her Aunt or Mama Flo's closet, her own little homemade thrift store! Alot of her vintage pieces originate from her aunt's house!

What do you get your inspiration?

As I mentioned before, many women are born into fashion in a sense. Growing up, I was always influenced by my mom's style choices, especially as I got older! Markeyla definitely feels that some of her style is influenced by her Mama Flo. As with anyone, Markeyla feels like her style also evolves with age; when she was younger she said she was into more 80s "punk"styles but as she got older, she became more poised and mature in her clothing. Her love for shoes has come from Mama Flo as well. I share a love of heels with Mama Flo and Markeyla as well! Seeing her aunt wear heels to the grocery store as well as everywhere else, Markeyla grew to love heels and wears them quite often. The women in her family have acted as models for how she dresses in a rather positive way!

What are your favorite patterns or prints to work with and why?

Now you guys know I love some houndstooth print! When I found out that Markeyla shared my interest, I was super excited! Markeyla noted houndstooth, "kaleidoscope", and tribals in doses. She absolutely hates floral print! I like floral prints with big and bold flowers...in the right season! It kills me to see people wearing these beautiful floral prints in the winter! But nonetheless, Markeyla also loves stripes as they look wonderful on some body types including her own.

What are your favorite colors to work with and why?

Markeyla likes to lean toward bright colors in the summer and more rich colors such as turquoise or purple in the fall. She doesn't really have any favorite colors so to say but she believes that blue looks the best on her skin tone and overall appearance! A makeup lover like myself, Markeyla likes to fool around with her eye color as well.

Who are some of your favorite fashion icons?

Unlike many, Markeyla does not look to celebrities for too much fashion inspiration. As I mentioned before, she truly enjoys the 50s era, any celebrity who can properly execute the style of that era is a favorite in her book. She feels that most of the fashion icons of our time don't really stand out or have a style that is unique.

How do you define style?

In Markeyla's words, Style is "being able to take what you have and make it work". Also, she feels like style is taking something and making it your own opposed to imitation. She feels that style should also sustain your personality or expression etc. "Could you look nice with only 5 items to choose from?" She posed a very interesting question, if you are truly fashionable in your own sense, you can make anything work. Many people feel like they "have no clothes" and Markeyla thinks that is a bad excuse because you can work with anything to look cute."Being fashionable is not about Instagram likes!" Indeed it is not, Markeyla feels that social networks give some people confidence in fashion sense. I completely agree, she also stated that presenting yourself properly is more important than likes! She shared with me a story about a time she went to the club in a Chipotle shirt and still looked great! (LOL) It's all in your approach and execution ladies and gents! 

How do you believe fashion will affect you in your career or future endeavors?

Appearance is very important to Markeyla as she believes respect equates with your appearance; which holds true because no one will respect you if you walk around looking a mess! Her mother instilled in her that people will judge you off of your appearance as that is the first thing they will see. People will treat you accordingly to what they see. As many people may learn in relationships and also other aspects of life, keeping up your appearance will keep people interested in you for whatever reason.

I hope you guys enjoyed Markeyla as much as I did! She is super awesome, so make sure you check out her magazine!

Twitter: ATSMag
Facebook: facebook.com/ATSMag

Until next time Pretties!

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