"A lady should be two things, classy and fabulous."
-Gabrielle "Coco" Bonheur Chanel


All Around the World and Back.

Hello everyone! Please excuse my absence from the blog, I've been on a mini vacation in Virginia Beach for a wonderful occasion! My beautiful grandmother was awarded with a degree in Religion from St. Leo's University and she is one step closer to becoming Dr. Rosemary Clemons! I love you grandma! I'm so proud!
Due to my (and my sister's) lack of planning, unfortunately we ended up on the Megabus for an almost 15 hour bus ride to Virginia. Although we dressed comfy and brought snacks along, it was still pretty uncomfortable. I've taken the time to pick out a few items that I feel can be comfy and cute for travel!
Who doesn't love Victoria's Secret 'Pink' line? Always filled with bright and colorful hoodies and sweatpants, 'Pink' is the way to go when trying to look super cute on a plane, train or bus ride! The line hosts a variety of differently styled hoodies and pants that come in a range of colors; they even have some sports teams and more recently a college line!

For those who aren't big fans of sweatpants, I've chosen two of my favorite comfy shirts that are fit for travel! On the top, this cropped shirt is super stylish yet functions exactly like your favorite old T-Shirt! It comes in a variety of different colors and patterns and can be found at American Apparel. The shirt on the bottom is your basic Boyfriend Tee. I liked this one in particular because of the colors and pattern. These shirts are usually cut larger than usual and give a relaxed dress feel. Personally, I would wear either of these items with a pair of plain leggings but shorts or jeans would suffice also!

When I'm traveling, I never have time to fix my hair or primp! I am a big fan of baseball caps in the summer for running errands and also during travel times. As an addition to the outfits I've posted above or  your own creation, a cap will protect your hair and look super cute in the process! The 'Lacoste' cap I've shown above can be found at Nordstrom and it comes in 3 other colors as well!
Everyone's favorite tote, the 'Longchamp' Le Pilage bag is perfect for travel! The large size bag can fit anything from a laptop to an iPad or a pair of shoes! I always use this bag as my whenever I fly because its big enough to hold all my belongings in addition to the stuff I have to throw in as last minute packing. The bag is extremely durable and comes in a bunch of amazing colors!
Moccasins are super comfortable! I own two pairs and they have been with me through it all! These 'Minnetoka' moccasins are really comfy and the funky colors stand out to say the least!

Tom's have become increasingly more and more popular over the years and now everyone can be seen wearing a pair! You can buy these at many vendors or order online; for each pair of shoes purchased, a child in Africa will receive a pair of shoes! Ideal for all of the walking included in travel, these comfortable, slip on shoes will keep you cute and comfy!
My personal favorite of this post, I have a picture of the 'Vibram FiveFinger' shoes. These shoes are extremely cozy and do wonders as far as exercise and relaxation. What better shoes are there for travel? I own this particular pair and I cannot get enough of them! 

Something that I know I will definitely be comfortable traveling with: Fendi luggage! I am currently in love with this luggage set which I hope to eventually get my hands on in the future!

More Family Photos!

Thanks for reading everyone!
I wish you well in all your travels and future travels!
Stay Pretty :)

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