"A lady should be two things, classy and fabulous."
-Gabrielle "Coco" Bonheur Chanel


Pretty Finds #5.

 Hello my Still Pretty readers! Please appreciate my apologies when I tell you that I am truly sorry for the lack of posts over the past two months. My life has been quite hectic lately and I have been slacking quite a bit! I also have good news as well, Still Pretty has decided to take on a new look! Over the next few weeks I will be in touch with different people to help me work toward a whole new look including a logo as well! So please be patient, and bear with me through our technical changes! Until then, here are some Pretty Finds to help move your closet along into Fall/Winter 2012-13 as the bitter cold approaches!
I am completely in love with this jacket! It incorporates two of my favorite trends, capes and tweed! This season, capes and ponchos alike have been quite visible in the fashion world; they can act as a quick throw-on or be dressed up for a more classy look. This specific style can be found on the 'ASOS' website, but many other variations are available at other stores.

Who doesn't love leather, or faux leather for that matter? Leather continues to be classic winter trend time after time. As different trends arrive on the scene, leather is mixed with these to create a newer look. On the left, I've chosen a peplum top made of faux leather, peplum has been increasingly popular for a while now and has willingly worked its way into our Fall/Winter trend lists as well! A delicate sweet addition to any outfit, the peplum top is edgy, feminine and can be paired with a number of different options. This top is actually on sale at ASOS right now, give it a home in your closet! On the right, I have selected a faux croc-skin skirt. Always classy, the basic leather skirt should be an item in every girl's winter wardrobe. Matched with a nice pair of boots or pumps this skirt can be comfortable and cute in any situation! This skirt is available at 'H&M' for about $30.

Another trend I am absolutely loving, is the cap-toe! These 'Vince Camuto' booties will do amazingly in my closet. The cap-toe adds an extra flair to an otherwise neutral or basic winter shoe. Booties, also classically winter-esque, are cute in any form, whether it be leather or suede! These booties are available at 'Nordstrom'.

Thank you for reading and please remain patient during our changes!
Stay Pretty!


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