"A lady should be two things, classy and fabulous."
-Gabrielle "Coco" Bonheur Chanel


Patterned by the Poolside.

As we merrily make our way through spring, I thought I would share a tradition that one of my fav designers follow! The year 2012 is the year of YOLO, ancient Mayan disaster and new beginnings. Let's also not forget that like every other year, 2012 will prove to be a great year in fashion, as it is the year of patterns! Kate Spade New York, one of my favorite designers as I mentioned earlier, follows a fad in which they choose a theme for each year and show us goodies that fall into the selected categories! April's pattern is poolside prints! I thought this was a great choice as the weather starts to warm up and we prepare to move along into the summer! Below, I've posted some items that I would love to incorporate into my summer wardrobe! Enjoy!

Yellow is definitely one of my spring colors! The bangles in the top right are extremely cute and could be used as a pop item in a cute summer outfit.

A dress lover in any season, these delicate dresses stood out to me as they incorporated two of my reoccurring trends in my summer wardrobe: bright colors and details. 

Sunhats are my weakness! This bright, patterned hat will hopefully find its way into my closet soon. Classy and everlastingly chic, sun hats are cute at the beach or even on a sunny day!

Every girl should own a tote bag, or a few! The woven basket tote on the left gives off a classic feel but the slight addition of color made the little basket stand out!

Brightly colored watches are popular right now and have been for some time now. I've featured a variety of different watch designs with the Casio watch on the bottom right being my favorite!

Anyone excited for summer yet?
Take a peek at the Kate Spade website to find some items as seen on the blog and keep up with each month's given pattern!

Stay Pretty!

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